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Our nonprofit organization prides itself on enhancing the lives of children in rural Nigeria, with a focus on educational efforts


The Foundation supports programs aimed at infrastructural development, economic development, health education & job creation in rural regions of Nigeria.


Because responsibility for the welfare of the family in general and of the children in particular tends to fall disproportionately on women in rural African communities, the Foundation supports programs aimed at empowering women in those communities through poverty alleviation.




The Foundation supplies medicines and medical supplies to health providers and individuals.  In the coming months, the Foundation hopes to engage in several health initiatives including the set up of blood pressure and diabetes diagnosis and treatment centers in surrounding villages.


Because it recognizes that learning is difficult if not impossible when children are hungry or malnourished, the organization has adopted as one of its key missions, to provide each child at the schools it supports at least one meal a day. The organization supports schools by supplying books, computers and providing general assistance for the establishment of libraries and computer labs.


In addition, the Foundation provides ongoing support to children at the primary and secondary levels.  Our plan in the future is to be able to provide scholarships to talented students from primary through tertiary levels.

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