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Through the Ireze Foundation's efforts, the Rochasta School has been able

to educate, enrich, and enhance the lives of all who attend


When the mother of the founder of Ireze Foundation, Rose, passed away in 2006, she left behind a legacy that was founded on her passion of helping others. Shortly after retiring from teaching, Rose had started a school in Nigeria in 1985 with just five students. Over the years the school, known as Rochasta School, has grown to teach about 150 students.


The Ireze Foundation is committed to keeping Rose’s dream of changing in the lives of children continuing for years to come. The Ireze Foundation has been able to offer numerous scholarships, provide textbooks, and fund capital projects for Rochasta School. The Ireze Foundation is committed to support the efforts of the Rochasta School in order to educate and enhance the lives of the Nigerian children.



Rochasta School Children 4
SmilingKids 2_edited
Rochasta School Children


In 2007, the free breakfast program was created to ensure that the children receive at least one balanced meal each day. The benefits extend much farther then just a hot meal. Since the breakfast program was introduced, tardiness has virtually been eliminated, as no mother wants her child or children to miss a free meal. The free breakfast also helped to fulfill one of Rose’s goals for the school. She had always wanted to feed the children and in fact had done so over the years. 


The breakfast program has turned out to be more than nourishment for these children; it has led these children down a path of success in the classroom. Today, a free, hot breakfast is served every morning before classes start, ensuring that the students are focused on schoolwork and not on hunger.

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